(So I did write a short post about a new obsession a while ago, just finished it off quickly today to tide over my tv readers, I may write more about another show shortly)

I tend to be late to a good show and the pattern definitely followed to Sherlock as well, though it’s not that far along yet, I caught it in time. My little brother and I were catching up on Doctor Who because we had both missed any episode after “The Snowmen” and afterwards my brother says “You should watch Sherlock, it’s very Doctor Who’y.” Well that wasn’t very nice of him because I of course had to see for myself and quickly pulled up Sherlock on Netfilx.

I will take pause here to tell everyone how I loathe Netflix. It is my kryptonite, I can’t get enough, it’s always midnight and I’m saying to myself that I can watch just one more episode and then go to bed. Then it’s 2am and I say to myself that was a terrible cliff hanger, just one more episode… It is the cause of many sleepless nights and many long days at work trying to keep myself awake.

Back to Sherlock now. I had seen many posts on twitter about Sherlock and how hot and good-looking and awesome Benedic Cumberbatch is, so I was looking forward to watching the show. But I gotta say, I’m kinda underwhelmed… I’ve always had a weird taste in guys though because I find myself drawn to Martin Freeman, a.k.a Dr. John Watson! Now Sherlock is awesome, very cool character, lots of fun and just the right amount of darkness, but I just can’t help but be sympathetic towards Watson, I don’t know why really.

This show is extremely well written though and the actors are amazing! I love the modern spin on the classic Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson without going extreme like the other show, Elementary. I don’t like Watson as a woman, Joan, really? Boo.

Anywho I don’t have anything more specific to write about this show, I am really looking forward to more and I hope it comes out soon, does anyone know when? haha

All in all, anyone who likes Doctor Who, and anyone really should definitely check out Sherlock, at least one episode, I guarantee you’ll want to watch the next and the next and the next!

Thanks for reading!

Little One’s Second Birthday!

My little one is turning 2! I know the first birthday is usually the big one, but for me it was more of a family day so we had a small family gathering at my parents house, presents, cake, finger foods she could eat, it was a good day. This year however I want to go big! She has a little more of a personality, a couple more friends, it’s going to be a great day!

Her favorite TV show right now is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Classic! Great starting point for a theme! Not wanting it to be too boy’ish though, after all, she is my little princess, I’m going to put more of a Minnie Mouse twist on it all. I have absolutely no clue on location because its late fall, there might even be snow! So no camp or other outdoor venue and I highly doubt my parents want to hose, also hosting is very stressful for the whole family. So location aside I have a million and one different ideas from decorations to food and clothing, way too many ideas to use them all. I’ve been browsing through google and Pintrest (yes I finally took the Pintrest plunge), there are some crazy ambitious and creative people out there, I’m very jealous.

I am going to try my hand at being one of those awesome crafty moms who throws the coolest parties. So this is going to be the first in a series of posts on the planning process along with my triumphs and my failures as I attempt to craft this party from scratch. I will be attempting to spend as little money as I can by making things from scratch and purchasing what I can’t make from second-hand stores, or great sales.

Let’s start this! I have a theme, and that is a big step one! Next, I’ll need to make invites, I’ve found some really cute ideas, and by combining a couple, I’ve come up with this wording;

Oh TWOdles!
Put on your EARS,
It’s time for CHEERS!
 BLAIR is TWO and wants to PLAY with YOU!

It will be ‘Minnie’esque’ like this one… Or a girly Minnie version of the second one…

Minnie Party Invite

Minnie Party Invite

Mickey Invite

Mickey Invite

So now that people know when to come and should be able to tell the theme, I still need to find a venue. Venue is difficult because as I said, it’s late fall so nothing outside… But the venue is crucial in planning decorations and activities… But I still don’t have much in mind for activities so I’m not sure what kind of space I need… I’m not even sure what the guest list is going to look like so I don’t know how big I need the venue to be… So we’re going to skip venue for now and move on to decorations!

Starting off simply, pink paper plates and plastic utensils with pink and white polka dot napkins, I’m basically stealing this exact table,

Minnie Party

Table Setting

I also found this little guy out there and it is absolutely adorable so I’m definitely making it as a center piece. Plastic or dollar store flower-pot, some dowels or sticks, confetti and styrofoam balls, a little paint, a little ribbon and a cute pattern paper and voila!

Minnie Party

Center Piece

This welcome sign is awesome too and seemingly simple and cheap to make!

Minnie Party

Door Sign

I’ll add in here that none of these pictures are mine! I will be posting my version when I’ve completed them so you can see if I’ve succeeded or failed. I’ll also add in a tutorial or two.

So those are the ideas that I have example of or that I can explain, other than that I’m not really 100% sure what to do for decorations because I’m not sure how much and what I’ll need because, again, I don’t know what my venue is going to be. But other simple decorations are going to be pink and white streamers (maybe some black) and balloons, some helium, some not, some colour scheme, maybe a Minnie balloon or two, and of course a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner of some sort.

Now decorations figured out, on to food! Yay! So, more unknowns, not sure if it will be a lunch, or a dinner, or a random snack time… Also, food, again and again, depends on venue. You know, is there a fridge? Stove? Etc… However, I do have tons of ideas for food, all Clubhouse related of course! Most of the dishes are more lunch and snack like, it’s very unlikely the party will be a dinner party. So! We have appropriately named foods, here is the very long, probably incomplete, list;

  • Daisy’s Garden Vegetables
  • Hot Diggity Dogs
  • Mickey’s Clubhouse Sandwiches
  • Goofy’s Goldfish
  • Pluto’s Pretzels
  • Donald’s Dip
  • Chip & Dale’s Chips or Chip & Dale’s Chips & Dip
  • Minnie’s Bow Tie Pasta Salad
  • Donald’s Deviled Eggs
  • Clarabelle’s Cheese Puffs
  • Pluto Punch
  • Pete’s PB&J Sushi
  • Toodle’s Noodles
  • Donald’s Cheese and Quackers
  • Daisy’s Desserts
  • Pluto’s Potato Salad or Pluto’s Potato Wedges because I love potato wedges
  • ‘Minnie’ Pizza
  • Pete’s Popcorn
  • Gooey Fish

Etc, and variations and etc… You get the idea… Obviously I won’t be using all of these, but there are so many fun and awesome ideas floating out there that I’m going to have a difficult time choosing a menu.

Now on to the most important food, the cake! This was the cake that I made for her first birthday,

Bear Cake

Bear Cake

So I’m not a complete boob when it comes to cake baking and decorating. I just need to take my time. The cake I’m planning this year is going to be awesome! I originally wanted to attempt the clubhouse, something like so…

Clubhouse Cake

Clubhouse Cake

but I have since decided to stick with Minnie for the cake and make some clubhouse character themed cupcakes like these

Character Cupcakes

Character Cupcakes

I’m not entirely sure what the cake is going to be because I’ve found quite a few different ideas that I really like. I will post all about the different ideas in a separate post and ask for opinions.

Now, my piece de resistance! I am going to attempt to make her dress! As in buy the fabric, cut out the pattern and sew it together! This is my most ambitious piece of the party and the one I am the most excited about! This is the dress I want to make,

Minnie Dress

Minnie Dress

I was going to buy it but it’s like $65 on Etsy! So I’m searching like a madwoman for free patterns online to create this masterpiece! The dress will be one of those things that I will post step by step with pretty pictures and all!

Anyways, that’s my plan so far for my little ones second birthday party! Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Ideas? Advice? Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading


Change in direction

Hiya all!

So I would like to apologize to my readers who come solely for my tv posts… I have taken a break from that line of posts simply because my shows have been on hiatus so I’ve been watching reruns or older movies and what not. So I have big things happening or about to happen so I’ve decided to use my blog as more of a mom blog. I know there are a million different mom blogs out there but mine is basically a mass way to share my ideas with my friends who don’t live near me. You know those really long ideas that go on and on and a text just doesn’t cut it and a phone call obviously doesn’t allow for pictures.

Anyways, my first post back will be all about my little one’s birthday, so be ready for a really long post on its way. I have it all written up, I just have to type it up and publish!

Hopefully I don’t loose too many readers and I’m hoping to gain more readers as well! If you are new, you can read my first post and it tells you all about me!

Thanks for reading everyone!

Goal Accomplished!

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted about anything so I’ll start this first post back by patting myself on the back for a job well done!

So way back in March I had rambled on about how good things were going and I had set myself two big goals! Well it doesn’t surprise me that since then things have gone sharply downhill, I lost my 24hr daycare and my ex is no longer following the schedule and I am still not receiving any payments from him. BUT! Like I said, I wanted to post to pat myself on the back for a job well done! My two goals were to buy a vehicle by July 1st 2014 and to get myself a house/apartment by July 1st 2015 and I have accomplished my first goal! As of June 9th 2014 I am a car owner! You can not begin to understand how incredibly excited I am that I finally have a vehicle! I know there are tons of people out there who are more than capable of relying solely on the public transit system to get around and a lot of them have young children, but I have no clue how they manage it. I was having so much difficulty getting around with my little one it is a relief to have the car!

So what did I get? Well I know I had said that I wanted a Jeep or at least an SUV but with gas at $1.47/litre (Canadian) it’s a good freakin’ thing that I got a car! I got a 2010 Toyota Matrix! Man does this car love to go! It just zips down city streets, in and out of traffic (safely obviously) and I love parking it! Going from a great big truck and a jeep it is such a change to park a car! I am so very excited to get it out on the highway in a week when I head to my best friends for a party! It will be my first road trip with my little one and my first road trip with the new car!

Anyways… This was just a post to say that yes I am still alive, still watching TV (darn brother got me stuck on another show, that post is to follow), and I have accomplished my goal! Just goes to show that with a little hard work and lots of determination and some help from your family (though they didn’t pay one cent, they just helped me find the vehicle and co-sign for it) I can actually accomplish my goals! I think it’s having a kid, it makes you push yourself that much harder, maybe I should go back to school with this new-found determination? You never know… But my other goal is still in place and I believe it is attainable! I will be a home owner, or at least an apartment renter, by July 1st 2015!

Have a great day,

P.S – Here is my car!!!!!

2010 Toyota Matrix

2010 Toyota Matrix

Happy Mother’s Day?

**Warning: Completely Depressing and Woe-Is-Me Post to Follow**

I’m going to thank everyone in advance for reading this post because I will probably just end it abruptly when I run out of steam… Please read my first paragraph and no flaming, be nice or don’t read. This is my blog I can post whatever I want and I will not apologize for my feelings.

Before I start this post I just want to make it clear that I absolutely love being a mom and I am so grateful for, and proud of my daughter and I love her more than words could ever say.

That being said… Most people nick name Valentine’s Day as “Singles Awareness Day” but for me, single or not, Valentine’s Day just passes more or less like any other day. I’ve never really celebrated Valentine’s Day, I don’t consider it a holiday and it doesn’t bother me in the least to be single on that day. For me the day of the year when I am hurt being single, when I feel like crying all day, is Mother’s Day. I haven’t told anybody this, not my friends and certainly not my family, figured it was time to put it out there.

Thinking about it, I don’t think I know any single mothers… I have friends who are moms who are not with the fathers of their kids, but they’re not single… They have someone to bring them breakfast in bed, or bring them out for brunch, or hug them and kiss them and say “Happy Mother’s Day sweetheart”… I see Facebook statuses and pictures, all about how friends spent their Mother’s Day, how their spouses or significant others surprised them or spoiled them and I get upset. I know I am not the only single mother in the world, I realize I don’t have a terrible life and that I have my family to help me and support me and love me, and I have friends that care about me… But it’s just not the same as having that significant other there for you, especially on Mother’s Day.

I worked today, on Mother’s Day, which was hard enough for me, but on breaks and lunches I would check my phone and I have messages from my dad and my brothers asking me what the plans are for today and what we’re doing for my mom and if I’ll pick up a card and whatever else… I keep thinking to myself, I know they’re not my kids, but do they not realize that I’m a mother too? That today is supposed to be for me too? Or do I only get Mother’s Day if I have a significant other or if my kid’s old enough?

Mother’s Day, to me, is all about appreciating all of the crap mom’s go through every other day of the year. We all have mom’s we know that we made our mother’s lives hell at one point or another, we all know that being a mom is not all hugs, kisses and ‘I love you’… You don’t have to be a mother to know all of this. So Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be just the kids and the dad’s celebrating or appreciating all the mom’s out there. But a passing “Happy Mother’s Day” from a friend, or even a family member, no matter how well-meaning that greeting is, doesn’t mean nearly as much. I did get a very sweet message from a friend and it did mean a lot to me, but it was more than just “Happy Mother’s Day” and it still isn’t the same as I imagine it would be from a significant other…

I suppose that’s another thing that upsets me, I don’t even know how it feels to have a significant other while being a mother… I did get a message from my ex last year, my very first Mother’s Day, it was something along the lines of “So it’s mother’s day, this day is for you” real thoughtful, eh? This year I didn’t even get that, I guess he was too busy with his new ‘baby-momma’… Not that I want anything from him, but it would be nice to get some form of appreciation from him for raising his daughter without any support from him.

The more I write the more frustrated and sad I get… I get more frustrated because I go back to thinking about past relationships, and why they didn’t work and what the hell did I do wrong? Or I think about guys I like now and why the hell don’t they like me? Why don’t they want to be with me? What’s wrong with me? I may not be the skinniest or the most beautiful girl in the world, but I’m not a whale and I’m not hideous, I’m a good person. I just want someone to love me, I want someone who will love my daughter as his own, I want someone to swoop in and complete my family and my life, someone to protect me, and to be strong for me when I’m falling apart.

Every fibre of “strong woman” in me is saying that I don’t need a man to complete me, to make my life better, I am strong enough on my own and that I need to teach my daughter that she doesn’t need a man in her life either… but that’s really not me. I have tried so hard to be strong. To show my daughter that her mother is strong. To show my family and my friends that I am strong. I have no strength left and my daughter’s not even two yet. My mask is thinning… The smiles and the jokes are falling flat… I’m wondering if people are noticing…

Despite my past relationship and how it ended, and maybe because of how it ended, I can’t wait to be in a relationship again, I want to get to know someone on that level again, to fall in love again. I don’t want to rush into things, I want to do things right. I want to prove to myself that it’s not me, I am not the reason my marriage failed, I want to stop blaming myself, I want to forget about that part of my life… I rushed everything last time and looking back, there is so much I would change, but I need to find someone willing to take that adventure with me.

Fresh Meat!

So I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before in my blog but I have joined roller derby! If you don’t know what roller derby is, you must check it out! It’s a crazy fantastic sport filled with crazy fantastic people! It doesn’t matter what your activity level is or how old you are or anything! It’s just a great way to keep fit and meet new and very interesting people.

Now I’m not actually on a team and I haven’t actually had a bout (a.k.a game), I’m only fresh meat! I’m just starting out and because it’s a physical game and you could really get hurt if you don’t know it, they make sure that everyone knows what they’re doing before they throw you out on the track. So you basically have to go through this 10 week training course and then you have to pass a skills test as well as a knowledge test on the rules.

Now I was very lucky because there were two leagues in my city so I kinda just picked one at random (meaning I picked the league that responded to my email first)… I borrowed some gear, went out twice (about 2hr total) and I absolutely loved it! So I went ahead and ordered my gear and let the league know that I’d be joining. Now while I was waiting for my gear there was some kind of league vote and the league I joined decided to merge with the other league (pretty sure it had to do with numbers and not having enough to come up with a complete team)… But there’s a problem, I’m still waiting for my gear and the fresh meat training already started for the other league, I’m basically SOL… But I email the recruitment people I guess and I tell them my situation and they decide to be incredibly nice and let me jump into the fresh meat training late and just hope that I can catch up. So I finally get my gear and the fresh meat training is going into week 6! I rush out to the practice space and meet with Tuff Nutt Tilly, my trainer for the night to catch me up! She was amazing! By the end of my first night out (about 2 hours) I have caught up on 5 weeks of work and by the end of the night I was doing their drills and I was just as good as them!

Yep, this is me tooting my own horn! I was awesome! I felt great! These girls have been at it for 5 weeks and I’m already caught up!

Unfortunately my second night out didn’t go quite as well, I had been off all day and though something had been nagging at me and telling me not to skate I did anyways and I pulled something in my ‘private spot’ and I just could not do any of the drills properly. I pushed through about 3/4 of the practice, I should have given in sooner though, I couldn’t even walk or sit properly and yet I still did the conditioning and stretching at the end! Yeah, I know, I’m crazy, and not in a good way (this time anyways). That was not showing how good, strong, or determined I am, it’s just showing how reckless and stupid I am! I could have seriously hurt myself by continuing to push and persevere. Sometimes perseverance just does not pay off. Luckily I did not do any major damage, I just couldn’t walk right for the next couple of days.

Tonight was practice #3! But it was rule night, so no skating, we didn’t even bring our gear. We had to sit there and listen and actually pay attention! I don’t know how much I absorbed… I was really tired and not in the mood to listen. Pretty much what I got from the night was that you should be a better skater and that the laws of physics are not relevant in calling penalties! lol I’ll have to go to the WFTDA website and read the rules on my own before the test.

Anyways! I am crazy excited to get going on this Roller Derby thing. It’s going to be so much fun and it’s going to be so good for me. It’s obviously going to get me more active and hopefully will help me loose some weight, but I’m more so hoping it will help me be more confident and loud (in a good way) and help me meet new people. It’ll be good to get out without my baby girl at least once a week. I hope I’m not horrible at the sport… lol

Good night,

P.S – Here is a picture of my very sexy skates! haha I love them! Sexy Skates

Supernatural 9×18 “Meta Fiction”

So I have been gone for far too long and I apologize to all of my loyal readers. Bwahaha! *ahem* anyways… I have been gone too long and I don’t really have an excuse, I’ve been watching my shows, but I haven’t much felt like fangirling over them… I’ve felt a little down in the dumps lately… But I have risen! Well far enough to squee again! So this will be my first of many posts (hopefully) in the coming days. I hope to catch up on all my squee’ing.

**Will Contain Spoilers**

Shower scene! Shower scene! Shower scene! Holy crap was that ever hot! They didn’t even have to show anything! Just the fact that Dean is in the shower is enough for my squee to be heard down the block! (Oh and yes, ‘squee’ is my word of the night, deal with it!)

So Sam needs to take care of Dean. I don’t care if Sam said that he doesn’t want to be brothers with Dean anymore because he can’t trust him and yadda yadda yadda… I really don’t care! They are still blood, that can not be changed and they have been through so much together and done so much for each other, you would think their bond was stronger. I do think it’s strong, I just think that Sam’s hurt, but you can see he’s getting over it, he’s slipping, you can see the love in his eyes and hear the care in his voice when he asks Dean if he’s okay. Sam just needs to keep asking, hopefully Dean will open up to him, he needs to open up, we’re starting to see the Mark of Cain really take a hold of him and effect him and he needs to vent before he explodes! Now I’m all for a Dean story line and Dean angst and drama and all of that ooey gooey goodness… But we don’t want Dean to go and get himself killed now.

I know I’m jumping all over the place, but I can’t help it. My thoughts aren’t organized so you can’t possibly expect my writing to be…

Very happy to see Cas back in the story, how I’ve missed that angel! And holy crap! The smile he gave when Dean made that joke! Wow! Kinda made me understand “Destiel” still not shipping it, but I can see where it comes from for sure. That was such a precious moment.

Who else was I thrilled to see back? The amazingly awesome and hilarious Trickster Gabriel!! Ahahahaha! He’s awesome and of course he pops up in porn that is of course inappropriate! lol The interactions between him and Cas are priceless and the ‘voicemail’ that Gabriel leaves Dean! Ah! I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off! Of course it’s way too good to be true and he’s not actually back (or is he…) and it was all an illusion created by Metatron. Who I really dislike by the way… I guess that’s the point of his character though. You’re supposed to dislike him… He’s definitely not the hero by the way! I don’t know how he thinks he’s going to write himself as one after everything he’s done… I am happy however that he basically uploaded thousands and thousands of years of pop culture into Cas’ brain so that he can understand all the references now! lol Though he still doesn’t actually get them, he just knows what the reference is to. we saw this when the boys made a Star Wars ‘deathstar’ reference and he knew it was Star Wars, but he couldn’t quite connect the dots to how it related to their current situation. Cas only half getting references though just adds a different layer of funny!

So after all this talking and driving and planning and scheming and discovering we finally get to see some action! The boys find out through Cas that Gadreel has become Metatron’s right hand man, and decide to go after him. This is where we see old Dean, big brother Dean who carried his baby brother out of the fire, the big brother who would do anything to protect his baby brother even if it costs him their friendship! Dean stops Sam from beating the shit out of Gadreel  and sends him off to find Cas, but Dean goes all “mark of cain” and does it himself. He can’t stand Gadreel talking shit about Sam, or trying to piss Dean off using Sams emotions and thoughts (doesn’t matter if any of it was true). Luckily Dean figures out that Gadreel would rather die than be locked up, chained up again! But we find out later that Dean still kicks the snot out of Gadreel.

Metatron finds out that the boys have Gadreel so he offers Cas up for trade and even though the boys try to trap Metatron, it doesn’t work. But at least they get Cas back! This is where the really interesting part, for me, starts. Gadreel goes to see Metatron and they’re yacking away and Metatron apparently set this all up and kinda knew how everything was going to play out, Gadreel actually asks him how “the play” is coming along. But Gadreel then realizes that if this is all Metatron’s plan, did Metatron plan for the boys to capture and then beat the crap out of Gadreel? Metatron of course says no and that he just sets the characters up and watches how things unfold… But I saw something change in Gadreel. I saw a sparkle of… I don’t know, hatred, understanding, rebellion, something, sparkle in Gadreel’s eye. I see Gadreel rebelling against Metatron in the near future and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing that!

Now I don’t know why I thought this, but for some reason I thought Cas already knew about the Mark, so seeing him flip out over it was intense! I was so relieved to see him flip out too! At least now it’s more than just Sam looking out for Dean… Not that Sam hasn’t been doing a bang up job… But Sam is Sam and can get really emotional and pissed off, especially at Dean, really easily, so the backup is nice to see. I’m looking forward the angel problem and the knight problem come to their peaks, I can see the crossover between the two issues and just shit going down! haha!

I almost forgot the end! Cas, reluctantly, becoming a leader again! I think that’s where he belongs! Yes he screws up, and I like when he’s a rebel because we see him more with the boys, but he is a natural leader! Angels will, and have, follow him to the end of the earth and back again! I can’t wait to see how that turns out!

*drool* Dean in the shower… Sorry. Honestly after I watched that episode I would close my eyes and I kept seeing that scene. haha! I clearly need a life…

Anyways… That was all over the place… But all in all it was a great episode! I loved seeing Gabriel for however short a time and seeing Cas and the boys working together again was a refreshing break from Crowley. Not that I don’t love Crowley, he’s hilarious! But I missed my angel! I’d like to see more Dean and Cas friendship… And Cas and Crowley are really funny together too. I don’t like that Metatron had his own little intro screen thing… And starting it with him talking to the camera and then finding out later that he was actually talking to Cas so we like went back and forth in time, I didn’t really like that… I don’t know why… Anyways…

It’s my first post in a while, so give me a break on the whole making sense thing… But let me know what you thought of the episode!

Good night!


Rambling Recommendations Beauty Products

Okay so this is not what I started this blog for, but it is my blog so I can write about whatever I want.

Lately I’ve been getting a ton of complements on my hair and makeup and for someone like me, with a very low opinion of their ‘beauty,’ it’s been extremely uplifting. That is why I decided to share with all of you exactly what it is that I do to get these complements.

A little bit of background information is required. I grew up in a family with five kids, including myself, I am the middle child and I am the only girl. So you can forget learning beauty tips from siblings, I also have a very, I want to say sadly strained relationship with my mother. I always have. Not that she’s the bell of the ball either, she doesn’t seem to take pride in her appearance, which is probably where I learned to keep my head down and my face plain. I am also a very shy person, though you wouldn’t be able to tell from my interactions online, but that is very different than face to face. So asking friends or older girls how to do my hair and makeup and what was proper and what not, was out of the question for me as well. Bottom line is, I had to learn all of this girly type stuff on my own, I taught myself everything from how to shave to putting on eye liner. I may not do everything the way it should be done, but it works for me.

Now I’ve gone through countless different products when it comes to everything beauty, all basically trial and error, what was popular at the moment and what I thought I wanted/needed. It is just recently, as in the last two weeks or so that I’ve found my perfect combination of daily beauty products! You have no clue how relieved I am to have finally figured it out and to have people actually noticing and commenting on the change, in a good way, I smile just thinking about it. So bellow is a list of my favourite beauty products that I use every day!

Shampoo and Conditioner
This was a never-ending battle for me, I never knew, and I still don’t know, what my hair needs. I have very thin hair, but a lot of it and it is short right now with highlights. So I’ve gone through products for coloured hair and products to give volume and repair and anti-breakage etc… Most of these products just left my hair looking flat and greasy and difficult to work with. One product, just before my big breakthrough, made my roots look wet for hours after washing, even after attempting to blow dry my hair for what seemed like an hour! So what is my breakthrough? Pantene Aqua Light, it’s a “Clean Rinse Shampoo” and it’s “Paraben, Dye and Silicone Free” I think this was the big difference for me. Because my hair is so thin all the crap in the other shampoos, which may work wonderfully for those with thick luxurious locks, just weighed my hair down and clung to my roots. It’s been two weeks and this shampoo and conditioner (separate, no 2 in 1 stuff here) works just like it advertises, it rinses clean and leaves my hair feeling light and healthy. I am still not great at styling my hair so all I ever do is blow dry and then straighten it so when I get complements on my hair, it’s because of the shampoo and conditioner, not because I’ve done something new. Today I got the compliment saying that my hair looks like models hair does in photo shoots and like it was perfectly wind-blown. To me that says it all, weightless and healthy.

Moisturizer and Make Up
I have problem skin, at 25 I still regularly get pimples and zits but I have finally found a make up quatro that works for me. Can I say that? Quatro? anyways it’s 4 steps. I’m not going to get into face washes because I haven’t found one I like, I’m currently using a clean and clear with moisture beads I believe… However after I’ve washed my face I moisturize, very important when you have problems such as mine which include broken skin, it’s a lot less likely to scab and scar if it’s moisturized. Also it’s good in the summer to put a moisturizer on that has a sunscreen in it. I really like Clean & Clear Morning Glow it has a spf of 15 and I like this moisturizer because it’s not greasy or oily it just leaves my skin feeling soft. It says that it “instantly brightens skin” now I don’t know about that, but I do know that it feels wonderful on my skin and creates a perfect base for my makeup, or no makeup depending on the day.

Now the next three steps are probably redundant but I think they work really well together so I will continue to use them together in this order. First off, these are not cheap, I don’t remember how much they are and now that I’m hooked, I don’t really care so if you plan on trying this, you’ve been warned. I apparently have a thing for Revlon because I chose to try the Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer, Revlon Photoready Makeup and if I have red and/or broken skin the last step is the Revlon Colorstay Makeup. So the perfecting primer is really cool, I don’t know if it makes a difference in the way my skin looks, but it makes a difference in the way my skin feels. I’m just going to repeat myself again, but it makes my skin feel soft the same with the Photoready Makeup, though that obviously makes a difference in the way my skin looks. The Photoready Makeup covers really nicely, but it doesn’t create a mask, I have some freckles on my nose and cheeks and even after I put the makeup on, I can see them, which I like because the purpose of the makeup is not to cover up my freckles or my rosy cheeks. What the makeup does do, however, is it blends everything and makes my face one colour instead of darker skin around my chin and lighter on my cheeks or whatever. Again though, it makes my skin feel soft and the makeup really is weightless, I don’t feel like I’m wearing any makeup really. The Colorstay makeup on the other hand, though is still relatively weightless, it’s a heavier makeup and conceals more, I use it more like a spot treatment for those trouble areas, like when I haven’t slept for a couple of nights and have really big bags under my eyes, or if I have a pimple or zit, it covers them, as well as can be expected, nothing’s perfect.

I’m going to pause right here, don’t worry there’s not that much left, but I want to make something very clear to any girl reading this who may be like me and may not know a whole lot about any of this. Make sure that if you’re going to start wearing makeup, especially the three layers I have described above, that you wash your face every night. You will regret not taking the makeup off, especially if you have bad skin like mine. The makeup, along with all the other crap that’s in the air and basically anything that has touched your face throughout the day, gets stuck in your pores and clogs them up and that’s what creates pimples and zits and black heads and greasy skin and all that nasty stuff that you don’t want to deal with! Now because I am a busy and forgetful mom I feel like I don’t have time to go into the bathroom and wash my face with soap/cleanser and water every night, so what I found are these cleansing wipes that double as makeup removers. So if fall asleep in my little girls room and I realize I didn’t take off my makeup but it’s like 1am, I can just grab a wipe and presto, no more makeup and crap on my face! I currently use Pond’s Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes, nothing fancy to them, they take off makeup and clean your face. They’re relatively inexpensive. I do however wash my face in the mornings and a couple of times a week I use these mask things… I won’t go into them, but it’s nice to feel like you’re at a spa every once in a while, so I recommend any type of face mask that you think will help your specific skin issues two to three times a week, or however often your chosen mask recommends.

Fun Stuff
So all of that is pretty basic, what I want to get into now is the fun stuff, the eye liner and lipstick and all of that. The only thing is, I don’t wear a lot of it. I don’t like lipstick because it’s pretty expensive and I lick my lips a lot and I find I look really awkward with lipstick on… So I stick with lip chap, or some kind of lightly tinted lip balm, I’m currently bouncing back and forth between Babe Lips (or whatever it’s called) and Aquafina Lip Chap (or whatever it’s called), I have no fav lip product… However, I do love me some eye liner. Though I only wear one of three colours, purple, black or green. Purple is my favourite and I wear it almost every day. As for brands of eye liner, I’m still not 100% decided, though I do like the liquid like eye liner from Physicians Formula it’s the Shimmer Strips that come in a pack of three for specific eye colours. The only problem is that I have yet to find them sold individually and as I said, I wear purple a lot, I’ve run out several times and needed to find a suitable replacement rather than buy the pack of three. I also don’t really use my eye liner like an eye liner. I mean, I do, it lines my upper eyelid, but I don’t just put a thin line, I tend to put a thick bold line, almost like eye shadow (which I do not use, I hate the powder). I’ll stick a picture on here of how I wear my eye liner, don’t mind the crappiness of the picture, it was taken like two weeks ago in a bathroom with very poor light with a cell phone camera…

Eye Liner

Eye Liner

I think that’s all I have to say about all the pretty girly things. If you ever have any questions about anything really, just send them. I’ll talk about anything. As I said, I’m very open online, just don’t come to me in person and ask the same things!

Hopefully I’ll get back to fangirling soon, I just haven’t been in the mood. That’s not to say that my tv shows haven’t been delivering. There have been some crazy good episodes of Reign and Supernatural and Bates Motel lately, and tons of other shows too. I just haven’t felt like writing about them.

Have a good night,

300: Rise of an Empire

I have not been to the movies in about six and a half months, which means I have not seen any new movies in that time. I am absolutely thrilled that the first movie that I go see after such a long hiatus was 300: Rise of an Empire.

300: Rise of an Empire is not exactly the sequel or really the prequel to 300 because the two story lines take place at the same time, they’re both while the Persians are attacking Greece. This movie goes a little before the main attack and continues a little after 300 ended… While 300 focused solely on Sparta, as I’m sure everyone will remember that oh so famous line as Leonidas kicks the poor messenger into the well “THIS IS SPARTA!” the newest installment follows the Athenians and touches on the rest of Greece as well. Themistocles is our hero and hot damn is he ever fine! You’ll notice in watching these movies that apparently you need to be ripped and gorgeous to be Greek, which I’m totally fine with by the way.

Apparently it is all Theo’s fault that there is still a war with Persia by the way. That’s what I’m going to call Themistocles from now on, Theo, so much shorter and I won’t have to keep going back and trying to figure out how to spell his name… Anyways, apparently Theo’s got this really weird eyesight (which my brother and I commented on several times throughout the entire movie) and he was able to see King Darius of Persia on a boat really far away and, just as incredibly, he was able to loose an arrow that, though not instantly, killed Darius. Now the reason that I said it’s Theo’s fault that Persia is still at war with Greece is because he killed King Darius and not his crazy son Xerxes. Though to be fair, there was no way that Theo could have known that Xerxes was crazy, mostly because it was Artemisia who really made Xerxes go crazy.

Xerxes looks like he was pretty much a disappointment to his father, I think the narrator actually says as much, and Artemisia (was going to shorten her name, but it’s beautiful, just like her) is kind of King Darius’ ‘adopted’ daughter. She’s smart and strong, and very skilled and evil and a little crazy, she’s also very good at getting what she wants, if you know what I mean. She is truly evil, Artemisia, but I find her character very beautiful and sad. It is learned, through a spy named Scyllas who was aboard Artemisia’s ship, that she was actually born Greek and when the rest of her past is revealed, you can’t help but cheer for her. She defected to Persia because her family was raped and murdered by Greek hoplites (basically just citizen-soldiers of Ancient Greek city-states) and she was taken as a sex slave. Artemisia was later left for dead in the streets but she was rescued, adopted and trained by the Persians, it was her anger and her lust for vengeance that fueled her and soon nobody could best her skill with a sword. She apparently rose quickly to power, like I said, good at getting what she wants, and was made the naval commander by King Darius.

The reason Xerxes goes all crazy and ‘god-king’ is because of his father’s last words, which were meant as a warning but with Artemisia whispering in his ear, he saw them as a challenge. His father said that only a god could deal with the Greeks. So Xerxes does some ritual with linen soaked in oil of some sort and wonders out into the desert and then into some pool in a cave full of hermits and he comes out completely bald, ripped and covered in gold piercings and chain. Not sure the connection there… But Xerxes has now transformed into a ‘god-king.’

Xerxes isn’t mentioned as much as you’d think in this movie, it is mostly about the battle on the Aegean Sea and therefore it revolves around Theo and Artemisia. Being a battle on the sea you really would think that numbers and the sheer size of the ships would play a huge role in who would win, but it doesn’t… All Greeks are apparently crazy and Theo’s tactic in fighting this massive armada on day one is just to ram the hell out of them. They form a sort of battle circle and as the Persians advance they split the circle and ram them from both sides. On the second day, you obviously can’t use the same tactic, so the Greeks use the weather, their smaller fleet and ships and their superior knowledge of the area to their advantage. They basically just sit out in the open until the Persians start their attack run and then the Greeks book it in reverse! The Persians rush into the fog after them, not knowing that the Greeks have funneled themselves into a kind of narrow so the Persians just ram headlong into these giant rocks or mountains! I gotta say, I laughed a little too hard at this.

Artemisia is pissed by this point and has decided that she’s going to take matters into her own hands and she invites Theo onto her ship. There is a crazy intense and angry sex scene and I feel terrible for Theo because it ended too soon! Basically Artemisia tells Theo that she is very impressed with his leadership and she wants him to join her, to stand beside her and command the Persian fleet together. That’s the reason the sex ends too soon, Theo, not thinking of the ‘immediate’ consequence says no, so Artemisia kicks him off of the ship basically naked…

Now I’m not sure if it’s the same night, or the morning after, but because Theo said no, Artemisia, who is used to getting what she wants, is fuming! She does not take this lying down (HA!). This is where you know that Artemisia is Greek, she’s bonkers! She apparently has this really big ship, very fortified and you’re not able to actually see any crew, but this ship just spews this black crap, which you later realize is tar. It gets sprayed into the ocean and onto the Greek ships, it’s just absolutely everywhere. Artemisia then sends in her personal guard who are these men with these backpack type things that I’m assuming are filled with tar, they dive into the ocean, swim over to the Greek ships and climb aboard, all while the rest of the Persians are flinging fire bombs and arrows and lances on fire at the Greeks and into the tar filled ocean. All together, not good. One of Artemisia’s suicide bombers (basically) makes his way onto Theo’s ship and pretty darn close to Theo, as soon as Artemisia sees this, she sends a flaming arrow right into the guy’s pack and a couple of seconds later there is a massive explosion!

So we think poor Theo is dead because he’s basically drowning and I think he’s hallucinating because of the crazy creatures he sees… But no! He’s saved! Yay! Artemisia doesn’t know this though. So while the Athenians are licking their wounds and trying to come up with some sort of battle plan, Artemisia goes to see Xerxes who, at this point, has defeated the 300 Spartans. Theo learns of Sparta’s defeat and also of the betrayal by that little deformed Spartan turned Persian turned I don’t even know because he’s now betrayed Xerxes. So Theo goes to talk to the sad little man and learns all of Xerxes evil plans to lay waste to the beautiful Athens and Theo being so nice decides instead of killing the deformed guy to use him to deliver a misleading message to Xerxes, because we all know how well messengers are treated… Theo also goes to Sparta to ask the Spartans to stand with the rest of Greece in their ambush and hopefully defeat of Xerxes and his Persians. Bad timing Theo my man, the Queen is currently mourning the death of her husband, King Leonidas. Luckily though Theo thought to return Leonidas’ sword, which the cripple had stolen, to the Queen, he also knows how to get under a Spartan Queen’s skin. He tells her to avenge King Leonidas’ death! However when he leaves Sparta, he still didn’t get a yes, she said no.

Xerxes is having a blast just destroying one of the most beautiful and cultural cities in history, Athens when the cripple shows up with his message saying where the Greeks will be. I don’t think Xerxes cares, but once Artemisia finds out that Theo is alive she gets pissed, like only a warrior woman can, and takes her entire fleet to go attack the Greeks, despite Xerxes telling her not to and saying that it could be a trap and what not.

So the final battle begins, much like the first day was, Theo and the Athenians just ram the Persian boats to hell and hop from one boat to another killing people. Theo has another crazy vision thing and sees Artemisia and rushes over to kick her ass, he kicks ass all the way to her, including the creepy guys in the weird masks… When he gets there they fight for a bit, but he actually gives her a chance to surrender. Now don’t take that the wrong way. It was a hard-fought battle, both are hurt and bleeding, it’s not like Theo just came along and dominated the one on one fight with Artemisia. Anyways Artemisia declines Theo’s offer of surrender and tries to kill Theo and so Theo kills her first.

Despite all of this, the overall battle is not really going well. It’s going about as well as one can expect though due to the fact that the Athenians are incredibly outnumbered. But you must remember those pesky, angry, avenging Spartans. Queen of Sparta has decided to joint the battle and brings along the rest of the Greek city-states, which I can’t remember the names of right now… The Greeks now outnumber the Persians and all there is left to do is to kick some Persian ass!

My brother is convinced that there will be a third movie because of the way the movie ends, there’s no victor in the movie, you can guess and say that the Greeks will win, but you don’t see it. The last scene in the movie is Theo and the Queen letting out battle cries and running towards the rest of the Persians. I don’t know if I agree with him, but it definitely leaves room for a third installment and I will not complain if there is a third movie. I love these movies. They are dark and gory and absolutely beautiful. This movie was especially stunning. I don’t care if it was real or CGI, the battle scenes in the ocean were magnificent, as was everything else. I can’t really pinpoint my favourite moments, that’s how good the movie was, I was just waiting for the next thing and the next thing and the next thing. The actors they chose for the main characters were fantastic choices, I had never heard of Sullivan Stapleton before I rushed onto the computer when I got home from the movie to see who this gorgeous man was who played Themistocles, he was great though and I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in leading roles such as this, at least I hope so. Eva Green as Artemisia, I can’t think of a better fit! She was brilliant! If you watched this movie and you’re thinking that you’ve seen her before and you just can’t place it, you’re probably thinking of her portrayal as Vesper Lynd, the ‘money’ in James Bond’s Casino Royale.

I’m not sure that there’s anything else to say about this movie. It was fantastic. I recommend this movie, as well as 300 to everyone!

Good night,

Motherhood Can Be Painful

So I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo for years and years, since about the eighth grade. However I, thankfully, have waited until I had something meaningful to put on my body. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being covered in tattoos, I think tattoos are beautiful if they’re done properly. That has more to do with the artist than the subject matter because a good artist can make a tattoo of a hot dog look good. I wanted to wait to get my first tattoo because I knew I would not be covered in tattoos, I don’t want tons of tattoos, so I didn’t want to take up a good spot on my body or waste money on a butterfly that is ‘pretty’ but I will probably regret in a couple of years.

I have had a couple of ideas in the last couple years of what I wanted to get, thankfully though, I didn’t act on any of these because they would have been horrible, horrible mistakes. The first real idea I had my friend and I were going to go get ‘matching’ tattoos, she was going to get a green frog (my favourite animal) and I was going to get a purple monkey (her favourite animal), we looked into it and picked where we were going to get them and priced them out, but then a guy got between us and needless to say, it’s really good we didn’t get best friend tattoos seeing as I haven’t seen her in probably three years. The second real idea I had was with my ex, we were going to get some kind of tattoo together, matching tattoos. We hadn’t nailed down a design or anything yet, but we were going to play off of the, extremely small, tattoo that he already had. His tattoo was of his astrological sign, you know that funny looking M for Scorpio? Yeah that, or for his last name… He wasn’t sure what he wanted it to symbolize… Anyways, and we were going to get my sign on him and then get the same tattoo, but girly it up a bit, on me. Wow am I ever glad that we never got anything like that done, he and I are no longer together and though I’m not sure what his feeling are towards me, though I could venture a guess, I definitely hate him.

Since becoming a mother I have been itching to get a tattoo because my daughter is my world and I know she’ll be with me forever and I want something truly beautiful tattooed on me to represent her and my love for her. I’ve looked at tons of different ideas, but this is what I have settled on as of tonight. I want to get the tattoo in the picture bellow on my wrist with some differences. I want the main image (the mom and the kid) in a deep blue, like sapphire blue, for my birth stone and I want pink carnations to come off of it, like these roses do, and create a bracelet type design around the rest of my wrist. Why pink carnations? Because they represent a mother’s eternal love.

I have thought really hard about the placement of the tattoo though and I am set on my wrist. People have told me that I do not want my first tattoo on my wrist because it’s going to hurt, a lot. I understand that, but because of different issues I have with my body and me being very picky, my wrist is my best option and I really want to be able to show it off easily and pulling up or down my pants or shirt, taking off my shoes and socks, not a very appealing thought to me, maybe my next tattoo.Image

This is an opinion post mostly, what do you think of this tattoo? Would it look good? I’m probably the least creative person in the world, any input would be greatly appreciated, send me a quick note.

Have a good night,