The Blacklist 1×15 “The Judge”

I tried to be a stand-up comedian once… but I hit my head.

**Will Contain Spoilers**

Yet another tv show that I absolutely love! This one doesn’t even have any sexy eye candy to keep me hanging on, so you know it’s gotta be good! In all honesty, James Spader ain’t that bad to look at, just a little old (and old-looking) for me. He really is the show though, I don’t think any other actor could play Raymond Reddington quite as perfectly as James Spader. The dry humor and the intelligence and cold heartedness all bundled up in a man who you know you should hate for all the evil he’s done, but you can’t help but care for and love.

This most recent episode was really quite good. It revealed a lot, moved the story ahead tremendously, and I really liked the idea of there being a “judge” out there willing to punish the guilty regardless of who they may be. When the show opened with that very strange man walking down the road though I thought I was on the wrong channel or that the guide was screwing with me or something because it did not look like Blacklist. But, happily, there’s the intro, it is the Blacklist!

The bit with Red in the car with whatever his name was in the truly awful hat was great and classic Red! He’s always got the perfect hat on and here is this large black man with an oddly shaped head making it even worse by wearing a terrible black cowboy hat. It did not suit him one little bit. I must not have been paying attention though because I had no clue who Red wanted him to look into until like the end of the episode. *note to self, pay more attention to the show you are watching* To be fair though I was really tired and I did go to sleep about 15min into the show and had to watch it today, which is why this… review? Will be all over the place.

I really don’t have that much to say about the episode.

I hate Tom, I always have, he was just a very odd person to me, very creepy, I always felt like he was hiding something, and then Liz found those passports and I knew he was hiding something. Despite the fact that he went all hurt and she believed that he was framed… Many things in the last couple episodes have made me happy, but nothing made me happier than to see that Liz called off the adoption. With Tom being so… Tom, I would have hated to see a kid brought into it! Besides, babies in shows like this tend to slow them down, at least for a time… I was so happy to see that Tom’s true loyalties are finally starting to come to the surface. What’s her face for some reason knows who he is and what he’s doing and why, but unfortunately we only get part of the story before the end of the show. We find out that, surprise, Liz is Tom’s mark and he’s paid to ‘love’ her. That’s all we’re told though and the promo for the next episode really doesn’t tell you much more, hopefully the episode itself will reveal more.

What I’m hoping will come out soon is that Red truly is Liz’s father. Yeah I know she asked and I know he said no, but it just doesn’t track for me, he’s got to be! I think he was just covering his ass and isn’t ready for that yet and doesn’t think that she’s ready for that. The promo for the next episode pointed at Tom talking about the time that he was sitting with Red, at the time appearing as if he didn’t know who Red was, but now we find out that he does know full well who Red is. I’m hoping Tom, in explaining why Liz is his mark, will reveal exactly who Red is to Liz.

It was nice to see the flaws in Agent Cooper’s past. I never liked the guy and he always seemed like he thought he was better than everyone. Yeah I know he’s their ‘superior’ but that doesn’t mean that he’s superior. Seeing him brought down a couple pegs by being caught ‘physically coercing’ a confession out of Rifkin was refreshing.

I’m really just looking forward to all the things that the next episode will bring. This was a great set up episode and unfortunately we have to wait an extra week to see exactly what it was setting up, but I really hope it’s worth the wait. I don’t know who on the Blacklist will be the ‘big bad’ in the next episode, but I’m kind of hoping that maybe it’s Tom’s unseen employer, and that’s how all of this comes out to Liz? Because you know that if Red finds everything out and tells Liz that she’s not going to 100% believe him. There will be a tinge of belief, she won’t completely trust anything that Tom does or says, but she’s not going to act on it. So if Tom’s employer is brought in as the next name on the list and they find Tom out that way (while the audience finds out through the conversation between Tom and what’s her face), Liz will have no choice but to believe it.

Ahhh.I just can’t wait for the next episode, so that’s all I have to say about this episode!

Have a good night!


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